Friday, November 27, 2009

I Can Do A Trick!

As an addition to his regular obedience training, I decided to teach Benny some tricks. In less that 10 minutes, I taught both Benny and Beatrix to shake a paw. Encouraged by my success, I went to Amazon to look for books about teaching dogs tricks. I now have my book with 101 tricks to teach. Many require much more ability and athleticism on my part than the dog's. We'll start slowly. Watch for more!

Monday, November 2, 2009


You wouldn't think that the life of a 9 month old puppy would be so busy that he wouldn't have time to blog, but it's true. I never have a spare moment what with walks, classes, visiting friends, going to work, chewing up things, teasing Beatrix, chewing up more things, and now this. I'm a cover boy! I'd better learn to write in case I have to do autographs.

Every year the Irish Terrier Club of Northern California prints a calender with local dogs as the stars. Much to my amazement, I was selected as this year's cover dog. Never mind the cute kids, it's me, the one in the center, who you should all be looking at.